Strangeways Media is an award winning new media and web development studio located in British Columbia, Canada. We offer our expertise in web technologies and strategies to our clients to help expand and focus their online presence.

Web Development

Mobile First // Optimized // Dynamic UI

Inspired Coach

Laura McCafferty is a leadership and executive coach and the principle of Inspired Coaching & Development. Her practice is dedicated to helping people in their personal and professional growth.


Jenn Kaminski / Makeup Design

Jenn Kaminski is a professional makeup artist who’s built a career in film & television, weddings, editorial work and beyond. We helped her cater to the increasing demand that she was accruing with a website that was accessible, complimentary and simple.


A Life in Binary

This is the personal website of Andrew Halliwell, the Creative Director of Strangeways Media. Rather than a portfolio, he refers to it as his “digital sandbox” where he gets to experiment with new coding ideas.

New Media & Film

Feature Films // Shorts // Ad Spots // Web Series

Life-cycle Assessment at UBC

The University of British Columbia is spearheading a unique area of research. We helped them greatly improve their exposure by producing a video used in outreach to prospective students.

Down River featured image

Down River

An emotionally story of three young women teetering on the edge between creative breakthroughs and personal breakdowns, and their connection with the older woman they rely on for guidance, support and inspiration.


Occupy: The Movie

A feature documentary, which follows the social movement that endeavours to tackle a political-economic system responsible for creating the economic collapse of 2008. The film asks what entity poses the greatest threat to Occupy.


Jason Collett Music Video

Broken Social Scene’s Jason Collett’s latest solo album contains the politically charged single “I Wanna Rob a Bank” for which we made the music video in participation with Ogilvie Film


Canuck Place Children’s Hospice

In 2011, we produced some videos for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, which were presented by spokesman and Vancouver Canuck goalie, Roberto Luongo.



We turned this beautiful story by Adam Grant Warren into a film in 2011 with the help of Bravo! It garnered Juan an award for best short film by a Canadian director at the Vancouver Int’l Film Festival in 2012.