Inspired Coach

Laura McCafferty is a leadership and executive coach and the principle of Inspired Coaching & Development. Her practice is dedicated to helping people in their personal and professional growth.


Jenn Kaminski / Makeup Design

Jenn Kaminski is a professional makeup artist who’s built a career in film & television, weddings, editorial work and beyond. We helped her cater to the increasing demand that she was accruing with a website that was accessible, complimentary and simple.


A Life in Binary

This is the personal website of Andrew Halliwell, the Creative Director of Strangeways Media. Rather than a portfolio, he refers to it as his “digital sandbox” where he gets to experiment with new coding ideas.


Shark Out of Water

We went above and beyond the call of simply doing the web design for Shark Out of Water , we created a full branding package with magazine ads, brochures and DVD artwork.